Our process

Your climb up the corporate ladder is entirely unique. Your living, breathing financial plans must be too. To develop these highly tailored and tax-smart plans, we employ an intensive discovery, execution and monitoring process grounded in getting to know you personally. Our approach positions you to manage your goals and pursue your Life Vision.

You receive a detailed proposal outlining areas where our experience can help

You share what matters to you

We explain how we might work for you - fiercely independent, fee-only, fastidious

We mutually determine if we have the capability to work together

You receive a detailed proposal outlining areas where our experience can help

We help you gather documents and data

You prioritize goals that shape your unique “Life Vision”

We create your personal net worth statement, assess your complete financial picture and determine any immediate action

We present analysis and evidence-based, custom (not copycat) recommendations

We discuss alternatives - the positives and negatives of each

You probe. We answer

We strive for you to gain clarity and confidence around how we will pursue and work towards your goals

We collaborate closely with your existing advisors (e.g., CPA, attorney) so you experience one team working on the same page

If you need assistance to implement strategies - in any way - we are dedicated to follow through

We execute your customized plan, carefully handpicking specific investments tailored to you long-term goals

We seek to make it happen!

You receive timely information and continuous updates

You review any iterations we suggest to maximize opportunities

We help you navigate life's curve balls

We meet with you often to review your plans and goals