"I was a young corporate executive working at Macys in San Francisco in 1997 when I started working with Ken Van Leeuwen and the VLC team.

I am now retired and so grateful that I’m prepared for the future thanks to the team’s expertise in financial planning, investments, and corporate equity stock compensation."

"The VLC team are not cookie cutter advisors. When I met Ken through a mutual friend of mine and a client of his, I was struck by his sense of caring and humanity. He manages people and their lives with a deep concern.

I have been with VLC since 2001 and their focus has not changed. They set expectations realistically and explain clearly when markets are up and when they are down. The VLC team are stellar, they are professional, and I am still very impressed by them 22 years later."

"We’ve been clients of Van Leeuwen and Co. since 1990. Thirty years ago, we set up a retirement plan and can report that 9 years into retirement we are on plan and doing well. Over these years we have found the Van Leeuwen and Co staff to be extremely professional and well trained in the technical aspects of their jobs as well as customer service. Additionally, the firm is extremely transparent, and it meets the highest level of compliance with the Securities and Exchange Commission."

"For 25 years, Van Leeuwen & Company has been one step ahead, continually thinking of ways to give me more financial freedom. But it’s much more than the firm’s financial perspective that I value. They are life vision planners whose thinking is holistic for me and my family. Over the years, they have encouraged me to think bigger, broader and in the future. I can often get more caught up in today, but they’ve pushed me to think years ahead, suggesting new ideas and possibilities out there for me. That is vision. They also have a strong work ethic and integrity. And I trust they have my back, which is invaluable."

The above statements are testimonials by clients of the financial professional. The client has not been paid or received any other compensation for making these statements. As a result, the client does not receive any material incentives or benefits for providing the testimonial.