About Us

Artfully crafting your Life Vision

The hallmark of Van Leeuwen & Company, LLC is the Rembrandt Society

Our team offers an advanced level of organic wealth management services and benefits to serve your Life Vision. Underpinned by a deeply personable touch, the Rembrandt Society represents an exclusive membership service reserved for select clients.

What is a Life Vision?

A Life Vision is a personal work of art painted by the experiences and accomplishments that you would like to achieve with your financial goals. More than a financial plan, it is an individualized mosaic of goals that helps to realize every milestone of your lifetime.

A Life Vision takes into consideration longevity beyond your intended retirement, as well the financial planning for your immediate family and their families for generation to come of your immediate family and their families for generations to come.


Rembrandt Society helps paint your Life Vision in its entirety

We recognize the impact that such planning can make on the future of you and your family. Together, we will help plan your Life Vision through personalized financial services, consulting, and sound advice. At each milestone of your journey, our family of advisors stand by to provide dedicated support toward empowering and enriching the Life Vision that you dream of.