Financial VANtage Point Podcast

529 plans: Investing in your child’s future

Synopsis: 529 plans can help parents and guardians save for their children's education expenses, but the nuances and intricacies can sometimes become overwhelming. In this episode, Jeff Mattonelli addresses questions regarding the type of impact a 529 plan can make and what individuals need to know in order to maximize its benefits.


The Millennial/Gen Z wealth opportunity

Synopsis: As Millennials and Gen Z move deeper into their career journeys, they have a great opportunity to begin building wealth early. In this episode, Jeff – a Millennial himself – discusses the benefits of investing early and the importance of a long-term financial plan with specific goals and objectives to build wealth over time.


How to know if your financial advisor is ‘the one’

Synopsis: Whether in a prosperous bear market or during times of volatility driving economic uncertainty, it is common to feel unnerved about whether your advisor is the right person to work with or if you should be looking for someone new. In this episode, we’ll explore the different touch points and questions you should be having with your advisor to identify if they are the right fit for you.


A financial advisor should be a client’s CFO

Synopsis: The role of a financial planner has evolved over the years since it was first coined. Today, the goal of a planner should be to no longer simply manage money but earn a seat at clients’ dinner tables as trusted counsel—a CFO to the client CEO.


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