Financial Planning New Jersey

Working as one to pursue your goals


More and more, people are looking for an advanced financial planning relationship that offers more than one-size-fits-all financial solution that comes with basic planning. A practical and successful financial plan that enables you to live your vision requires the help of a financial advisor well-acquainted with all aspects of your life.

Everyone's life is complicated, so a simple approach to planning for the future is not sufficient. This is why the financial advisors at Van Leeuwen & Company, LLC take a personalized, holistic approach to your advanced financial planning. We focus on taking the time to get to know your dreams and craft a financial plan that takes into account both the big picture and the details working toward your life goals.


Most individuals seek basic financial planning when investing in a financial product or purchasing a high-value service, overlooking the true, lasting advantages of having a strategic financial plan. That's why Van Leeuwen & Company strives to ensure that our clients' financial plans are crafted for their long-term goals and Life Vision.


The VLC Team will guide you through a step-by-step strategic plan. We consider all layers of a member’s life, as an original work of art, from daily decisions to life-changing determinations. Maintaining this awareness means that we offer regular support to our members that serves their best interests.

We coordinate with our members’ other financial advisors in New Jersey, professionals and family members to work as a team. Such interaction can help prevent conflicts that could adversely affect a member’s Life Vision and avoid any members feeling disjointed or unguided.

The consulting and guidance from the financial advisors at Van Leeuwen & Company cover:

  • Executive Compensation Plan
  • Reviewing company equity positions and benefit plans
  • Financial sustainability and longevity
  • Executing advanced estate planning strategies
  • Determining and funding cash flow needed after retirement
  • Planning for higher education for children
  • Interacting with member providers such as accountants, attorneys, insurance providers, and other investment advisors
  • Investments and insurance planning
  • Income tax liabilities
  • Benefit options for employees
  • Overcoming a death in the family
  • Caring for aging parents
  • How to prepare for making choices about disability and long-term care
  • Philanthropic gifting
  • Exploring Life Vision changes along the way