Strategic Planning for the Successful, Ambitious, Corporate Executive

Strategic Planning for the Successful, Ambitious, Corporate Executive

Integrating personal goals with financial goals will move mountains

Thriving in a fast-paced corporate world means navigating the ever changing ebb and flow of business. It’s easy to become immersed in the daily routine of deadlines and demands while striving to remain on top of your game. Though you are richly rewarded with a handsome pay check, the sweetness of success constantly hungers for more of your energy. As a result, clarifying personal values for you and your family may fall by the wayside. Why plan for the future today when there’s always tomorrow? The kids are young – or perhaps you haven’t yet started a family and anyway, you’ve got an important presentation in just a few hours.

Focusing on the big picture

Perhaps you are 30- or 40-something in age and harbor an ambitious appetite for success. Determined as ever, nothing gets in the way of your aspirations, even at the expense of addressing your son or daughter’s college education and finally purchasing that second home, to name a few. Who has enthusiasm for these details after working a 60-hour week?

Establishing a personal action plan is not so easy

Even on a daily basis, the decisions that you make as a professional, spouse or parent can reap enormous consequences both favorable and unfavorable if not well thought out. Eventually, the future will tap on your shoulder and call upon vital milestones that should already be safeguarding your family.

Why we cannot see the forest for the trees

Getting caught up in the backwash of day-to-day objectives tends to override long term goals. While you are busy harvesting the fruits of your career, time is diligently taxing your future. You never know when life will throw a curve ball, pulling the proverbial rug from beneath your capable feet, leaving you and your family scrambling for solutions.

Weathering the consequences of a corporate lay off

No time is more critical to question your existence than after the jolt of a job loss. But it doesn’t have to be that way. Did you see it coming? Have you efficiently managed your assets? Most corporate executives and employees are blindsided by company layoffs that seemingly occur overnight when in fact, they missed telltale signs. Losing half of a household income from one day to the next can leave a family in a state of panic, struggling with a plan of action. With proper planning and support, these high levels of stress are replaced with direction and confidence.

Think of Van Leeuwen & Company (VLC) as your fiduciary alliance

Establishing a valuable relationship in which retrofitting your future while reinforcing your present becomes our top priority. Soon, your financial future gains clarity. It is critical to spotlight tangible circumstances that matter:

  • Advantages of upgrading your home
  • Possible tax savings of relocating your home
  • Acquiring potential tax right offs by purchasing a second home
  • Purchasing that shiny, new car
  • Carving time to make that holiday trip
  • Hiring a new nanny for the children
  • Facing a health crisis
  • Bracing an unexpected life event
  • Enduring a career setback
  • Managing your wealth early on
  • Considering restricted stock units versus stock options
  • Mapping out your executive benefits
  • Maximizing your 401k
  • Maximizing your Deferred Compensation Plan
  • Tax planning for non-planners
  • Pondering your child’s college education
  • Investing in long term care insurance

How will you be remembered?

Through strategy - one that merges all meaningful aspects of your personal, family and business life with well-rounded investment approaches. Whether you are at the peak of a lucrative career or climbing the corporate ladder, what you do with your prosperity in the present is essential to your future. If we’ve sparked your curiosity and your mind is swimming in questions then we invite you to pick up the phone and speak with us. You see, there is no better time than the present to begin building a personal bequest that seeks to endure beyond your lifetime with the goal to reward not only your children but theirs as well. But who has the vigor to ponder such elements in the midst of never-ending obligations?