Avoiding the Paint-by-Numbers Trap

Avoiding the Paint-by-Numbers Trap

Painting your own unique life vision

Paint-by-numbers kits were popular back in the sixties. Folks would purchase a kit, create the piece and hang it on the living room wall. Sometimes the results were good; other times disappointing; always unpredictable. Essentially, a paint-by-numbers kit is derivative of a formulaic mass production not meant to express an individual’s originality. At Van Leeuwen & Company, we like to think of your financial future as an original work of art because retirement is not akin to a paint-by-numbers kit. But what happens if you fall into the paint-by-numbers trap?

You don’t have to be an artist to create your own picture

We refer to it as painting your Life Vision. Crafting a robust financial future begins with planning at a younger age. At whatever phase of life you wish to retire, longevity is something that needs to be recognized. It is critical to consider the possibility that you and/or your spouse may live much longer than expected. We believe in maintaining your lifestyle and aim to exceed your standards after retirement. Those who delay planning toward their financial goals (while taking into account that people are living longer) could risk falling into the paint-by-numbers trap.

What is the paint-by-numbers trap?

As an ambitious corporate executive or successful business owner, you probably wear multiple hats. Time is a nonrenewable source and as such, a commodity. Between deadlines, family obligations, children, education, elderly parents and mortgage payments, where do you find the time to think about planning for a sound financial future?

Putting your assets to work for you and your family means that you could avoid heading into the paint-by-numbers trap that might fit someone else’s retirement - but not yours. By working with a financial team who will help to paint your Life Vision one phase at a time, the paint-by-numbers trap can be avoided.

Pursuing your Life Vision

We help our Rembrandt Society members avoid the paint-by-numbers trap. Whether it’s taking that exotic vacation next year, planning for your child’s college funds or wedding way down the road, or purchasing a second home after retirement, we help our Rembrandt Society members create their dreams.