Avoiding the Paint-by-Numbers Trap

Painting your own unique life vision Paint-by-numbers kits were popular back in the sixties. Folks would purchase a kit, create the piece and hang it on the living room wall. Sometimes the results were good; other times disappointing; always unpredictable.

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Longevity and a New Retirement Vision for the 21st Century

A global mega trend shaping retirement is the notion that people are living longer lives With innovation and advances in science and technology, we are moving into the future as life expectancy reaches new heights. Thus, the need to redefine how we invest for retirement in the 21st century is vital.

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Strategic Planning for the Successful, Ambitious, Corporate Executive

Integrating personal goals with financial goals will move mountains Thriving in a fast-paced corporate world means navigating the ever changing ebb and flow of business. It’s easy to become immersed in the daily routine of deadlines and demands while striving to remain on top of your game.

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